Yes !! It’s true! The opening was a smash success!

The show will remain up through November, so now is your chance to scoop up

some art before it sells out!!

Here is a link to all of the art CARNIVAL OF SAINTS AND SOULS II

Please contact Jeanne at Poets Gallery  to purchase any art.  Phone – 504-899-4100 E-mail- poetsgallery@gmail.com

Here are a few photos from the opening!!


Tonights the night

Hope to see you all tonight at the opening! Here is a picture of some of the artists who met at the gallery for a little

champagne toast last night!

All available art with prices will be listed in the next few days for those of you who can’t make it =)

Along with lots of photos from opening night!

The following are the pieces for sale by Jennybird Alcantara

To purchase one of these please contact Jeanne at Poets Gallery in New Orleans

★ Phone :  504-899-4100 ★ E-mail:  poetsgallery@gmail.com

1. Title ‘Saint Stigmataline in the forest
Medium- acrylic on archival watercolor paper doll and attached painting
size-18″x 24″
price – 1300

2. Title- ‘Saint Masochistia, Patron saint of Extreme self Love
Medium- acrylic on archival watercolor paper doll and attached painting
size- 13″x21.5″
price- 1100

3. Title- ‘Saint Stigmatalines Formal Invitation
Medium- acrylic on archival watercolor paper doll and attached painting
price- 1200.

4.”The Ascension of Saint Dolly Deerheart
Medium- acrylic on archival watercolor paper doll and attached painting

Here is a sneak peek at one of the lovely pieces by Sheri DeBow

“The Softer Side Of Me, Protecting My Own Soul”


Here is a sneak peek at some of the art that will be in the upcoming show!

Fable Totem – by Darla Teagarden




St. Fiji of the Swamp – by Lateefah Wright



Here is the poster =)  Sneak peeks of dolls and photography coming in the next few days!!

Hallowe’en – A Carnival of Saints and Souls is an annual exhibit featuring hand-made dolls, puppets and fine art photography.  Christy Kane, curator of the show invited twelve of her favorite artists and friends to take part in this celebration of Saints and Souls.  “I wanted to do a show based on my love of the Saints and thought it would be fun to see interpretations of Saints and Souls by some of my favorite ladies, at my favorite gallery.  The theme opened up a bit from Saints onto Souls and Day of the Dead.  The collection of artists is as excited as the collection of art! Artists who have and/or are participants in the show include:  Jennybird Alcantara, Loopy Boopy, Dame Darcy, Sheri DeBow, Christy Kane, Pandora Gastelum, Miss Oblivious, Liz McGrath, Molly McGuire, Angeliska Polacheck, Angela Raney, Darla Teagarden,  Lateefah Wright, Jacqui Gallant, and Christine Benjamin.

To learn more about each artist, please look at the ARTIST section of the menu and find a page for each artist.

The first annual show took October 2, 2010.

This years show will take place on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Poets Gallery in New Orleans, LA.